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The purpose of Reinvention Coaching is to create lasting positive change

And we'll jumpstart all this in 9 weeks or less.

Is Reinvention Coaching for You?

You're simultaneously motivated and feeling stuck in one main area, huh?  That's exactly why Reinvention Coaching was created - to act like a key, opening doors to the best of what is possible for you next in a laser-focused way. (If lasers are also warm and compassionate and truly inspiring.)

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Hi I'm Meg,

"How did I end up here? It should be better than this, right? "


Over a decade of building high-end houses has taught me that we need a sturdy foundation to create something extraordinary.  


At the peak of the pandemic, I realized it was time to reevaluate the foundation on which I built my life. My structure had worked for a while - but now it was time for something new. 


In construction, we use new lumber to build a new frame - in Reinvention Coaching, we also use a framework of proven methods to construct the lives, careers, and relationships that carry us forward. Except there's no splinters in coaching - not in a literal sense any way ;)


Good builders don't build solo. We all need a hand with the heavy lifting. I'll give you the tools, together we'll create the sturdy foundation you rise from. 

Why does Reinvention Coaching work so well?

The proven process.

Here's a peak inside what we do in just the first 3 weeks of our 8-week program together.

Week 1
Honing Your Vision

We'll start with a series of powerful prompts and exercises that act like a broom - clearing the cobwebs that cloud your vision and allow you to see new possibilities we can chart a course to you achieving over the coming weeks.

Week 2

Vision/goals alone are not enough.  In this essential step, we'll make sure that your thoughts and actions support your vision.  We'll look for roadblocks on your path forward and address them in real time so progress is possible.

Week 3
Rewriting Your Beliefs

We've all been handed beliefs from the communities and cultures we dwell in. Some work. Some hold us back.  In this step, you become the curator of the gallery of beliefs you hold - hand-selecting those that empower and uplift you.

What Clients Have to Say

Meg is a truly wonderful and skilled coach. I learned a lot about myself with her guidance - and already feel the effects of her coaching having an impact in my life. She was easy to talk to, non-judgmental and asked very thought-provoking questions.  She held space for a range of emotions and allowed for me to explore some long-held beliefs in a new and empowering way.  I'd highly recommend anyone to hire Meg as your coach - you'll be amazed!

- Alex C.

Want to see what's possible for you?

For a limited time you can book a FREE Discovery Session so we can meet and decided if we're a fit to work together right now.  This is a full coaching experience, expect to walk away:


1) with more clarity around your next steps

2) a powerful set of realizations that support you whether we work together or not

3) and if we just adore each other and I know this process will help you we can talk about working together for 8 weeks.

No pushy sales stuff here. If I think another coach or resource would serve you better I'll give you a referral - so either way it's time well spent.

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Autumn Forest

Is this for me?

"It's just about the next step. It's not even about the right step. It's not about right or wrong because we can always take an action in a direction and then course correct. It's about movement, which mobilizes possibility."

- Nancy Levin, Founder of Reinvention Coaching

+ Levin Life Coach Academy

Interested but not ready yet?

Pop your email below and I'll send you a personal message and we'll chat. No push, just presence.

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